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Super Short Reviews :: Magic Mike

We ended up liking this movie for reasons apart from the eye-candy, haha. It passed the Bechdel test (woo!) and there was more plot than expected.

We noted that the sepia-toned palette and flat lighting of the daytime “outside world” of Magic Mike had a rather dream-like, unreal quality to it. This was in sharp contrast to the bright lights and highly saturated colors of the club. The difference between the two settings is so stark that one begins to wonder if that daytime world is actually depicted in realistic tones, and only fails to measure up to the visual feast that is the club. Of course, that is the purpose of Xquisite and its performers—to enact the fantasies of their clients, in a way that supersedes reality and the norms found therein, at least for a little while. This theme also extends past the settings and to the plot itself. Alex Pettyfer’s character, “the Kid,” is drawn into the world of Xquisite, attracted by the women and the booze and the drugs, while the “real world,” occupied by his sister (and sometimes Mike) begins to pale in comparison.

-The Director

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